Our strategy is to invest in small- to mid-size cyber businesses and to accelerate their maturity and growth into thriving enterprises. Our primary focus is investment in growth-stage cyber security, intelligence and specialty-niche government contractors based in Maryland where opportunities for value creation through exceptional growth are abundant. Our goal is to maintain a small portfolio of companies where our team functions as owners and operators, not just investors.  

We create value through numerous means. The first is to leverage the significant management experience of our leadership team to differentiate the very best opportunities from the very good opportunities. Post-investment, we create value by instilling fiscal and organizational discipline in the company’s growth strategy, executing aggressively on that growth strategy, tirelessly leveraging our network to increase sales, and by implementing operational improvements.

Investment Criteria

We are entrepreneurial in nature and our expertise lies in turning small successful businesses into highly efficient, larger businesses. Our firm is committed to a rigorous assessment of growth potential and profitability and to not straying from our areas of expertise. The following are some of the additional criteria we use to evaluate investments:

  • Companies can be either standalone or corporate spin-offs
  • Strong competitive differentiators
  • Revenue of $500k–20MM
  • Significant operating history and demonstrated ability to produce profits
  • Opportunities for rapid organic growth
  • Low working capital and capital spending requirements

We generally do not invest in start-ups or companies with operating losses, although we will evaluate such situations on an opportunistic basis.