MCIP provides cyber and intelligence industry companies with expert guidance to create a sustainable competitive advantage and to optimize company value. Our team helps clients create and execute effective business plans, sales and marketing plans and to build strong teams. Our process begins with a unbiased understanding of the client and its intended market niche and with an assessment of what it will take for the client’s business to excel. Plans are then collaboratively developed to leverage strengths and solve gaps and weaknesses. Our team provides guidance and coaching on all areas of the business: strategic planning, management, sales, marketing, operations and finance.

Board-level Guidance means frequent communication with MCIP Partners and a monthly Board meeting where performance is compared to goals and action plans are made to enhance strategies and tactics.

Sales and Marketing Services are designed to make your company stand out in a crowded market and to clearly show your value to prospective clients.  Services include providing expert advice on products/services, pricing, sales and margin goals, messaging, target marketing and the marketing vehicles to meet and exceed goals. MCIP also provides clients with best-practice sales and sales management tactics and resources.

Business Development will be accelerated leveraging our unparalleled network of relationships with Federal Agencies, political leaders, and  cyber-security and intelligence contractors.   MCIP has the ability to make valuable introductions for its clients that will quickly build your pipeline and lead to sales.

Operational guidance concentrates on process evaluation and improvement to make employees more productive and processes more efficient, thus improving company profitability and delivery.  For a company to maximize its value, it is critical to have operational excellence and to be the standard by which others are measured.

Financial guidance includes financial modeling, cash flow planning and management, capital re-structuring and providing expert advice on evaluating decisions from a financial perspective.
Capital Raising is not possible for the vast majority of companies.  Most companies have weaknesses that prevent investors from agreeing to fund them. For companies which have the potential to become “investment grade”, MCIP offers a guidance program called CapitalRaiser™  to improve your ability to raise capital.  This unique program works by identifying your weaknesses and recommending solutions, coaching you on presentation and negotiation, and, if you meet our criteria, receiving investment from our firm.