Evolving your business from the very good into the very best is about execution and discipline. Growing your small business into a large enterprise is about the right combination of people, relationships, and capital. Maryland Cyber Investment Partners (MCIP) advises clients to transform their business from very good to the very best and invests strategic capital to optimize the value of businesses that meet our stringent criteria.

Our focus is advising and investing in growth-stage cyber security, intelligence and specialty-niche government contractors based in Maryland. The MCIP team is comprised of highly successful entrepreneurs who have hands-on experience building, growing, and scaling small technology businesses into highly-valued enterprises. Our geographic focus in Maryland leverages not only our deep government, systems integrator, vendor, and political relationships but also Maryland's position as the global leader in the cyber industry. We are uniquely positioned to accelerate the growth of our client's businesses and to further Maryland's position as a cyber leader.